Sciencetival 2012

Sciencetival 2011
Opening of sciencetival 2011
Sciencetival 2011 was opened simultaneously in Ljubljana and Piran by Mayors Zoran Janković and Peter Bossman respectfully.

The opening in Ljubljana.

The opening in Piran

The opening of the accompanying exhibition in Ljubljana

Brian Jones during a very interesting display of physics

Moshe Rishpon demonstrates that shadow is not necessarily black

Zvi Paltiel makes an interesting lecture on space colonization

Sciencetival 2010
Opening of sciencetival 2010
Sciencetival 2010 was opened by the mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković.
The opening was followed by a science show Smalllargeology, as performed by Hiša eksperimentov.
You can see a short clip from the show below.
"Under pressure"
Stanley Micklavzina from the University of Oregon shows us a couple of very interesting experiments.
Video can say more than a hundred words, so take a look at the clip below.
Preparations for the SPECTACLE
Chris Chiaverina from the USA conducts two experiments, which demonstrate that all things prefer to stand still.
Opening of the SPECTACLE
This year the spectacle was opened by dr. Miha Kos and dr. Jana Kolar. Afterwards they crossed the non-newtonian fluid first each on their own and then together as well.
Launch of the first slovenian space rocket
The flying finns Heko and Nina do a launch of the first slovenian space rocket with help of a local volunteer.
Flame tornado
Heko and Nina demonstrate what happens to a flame if we spin it around its vertical axis.
Science S P E C T A C L E
This year the SPECTACLE was extremely interesting. In the following clips you can see a couple of the most fascinating moments.
The oldest person to cross the non-newtonian liquid was 82 years old.
Mr. Alan Markelson from the United states of America was the North american ferrari racing champion at the end of the 50's. Here he proves that he can master the non-newtonian fluid just as well as his ferrari.
A simple yet effective demonstration of torque by use of a lever and a small child and her parent.
Laser data transfer
Stanley Micklavzina from the University of Oregon gives a demonstration of data transfer by use of a laser beam at the 50th anniversary of the invention of the laser. We also get to hear which modern inventions depend on the laser.
Rocket baloons
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