Znanstival 2016 - 3rd to 5th june
Science adventures
The shows will take place in Ljubljana, inside Hiša eksperimentov and on the bridges and town squares.
The shows will be presented by foreign and domestic presenters.
Znanstival 2016 will have a spectacle.
The scientific dessert will have to stay a secret for now, but make sure not to miss it!
DRZNI workshops
On the DRZNI workshops visitors can build interesting scientific creations, such as a simple airplane, a hovercraft and many more. And all this from simple household items!
Doors ajar in
Hiša eksperimentov

The entrance fee for Hiša will be much lower. The doors will be ajar every now and then for experimenting and attending the show, which will take place in Hiša.
The number of visitors is limited to 60!
In the evening, interesting science lectures about current themes will take place in Hiša.
Garden of science
At the Garden of science, organizations that promote science will present their activites on saturday and sunday.


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